About the Author
Kimberly Griffin is a wife, blogger, stylist, foodie, and full time stay at home mother of two daughters. Although she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising from The University of North Texas, her creative drive has allowed her to add author to her list of credentials.
“Mama Braids” was originally written in 2004 for an extra credit assignment in Kimberly’s college English course. At the encouragement of her professor, she decided to pursue publishing the poem and adapted it into a children’s book. “I wanted to leave a legacy for my daughters with this work as well as inspire young readers to stand proud of the traditions of their heritage.”
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About the Illustrator

Michelle Lee of InspiringLee is an independent artist who currently resides in Arlington Texas. She received her formal education at Dillard University receiving a Bachelor's degree in Business Management in the Arts. Michelle’s passion is creating inspirational artwork influenced by the beauty of the natural world.  She aims to “insert a bit of positive energy into her viewers day” with her artwork. Her artwork is created by using a combination of watercolors, graphite and colored pencils. Michelle’s goal is to highlight the beauty that’s all around us. “I want to encourage people to pause and be inspired”, says Michelle.

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