Product Info

-What age group is Mama Braids meant for? 

Mama Braids is most appropriate for elementary children around ages 7 to 8 years old or with a minimum 2nd grade reading level.

 -Is Mama Braids offered in soft cover, board book, or ebook?

At this time, Mama Braids is only offered in the hardcover format. Pending its success, expanding the variety of offerings will be explored. 


Character Development

-Why are the mother and daughter not a deeper complexion?

With Mama Braids being culturally centered around hair braiding, it was an artistic decision to make the characters complexion done in such a way that it allowed the braids to jump to the forefront and be a central focus. Although it is recognized that everyone may not agree with this approach, we equally value all complexions regardless of the presence or absence of them in the illustrations.

-What are the characters names?

The mother/daughter duo in Mama Braids is unnamed on purpose. We hope you will give the characters names as you connect with the story. 

Purchasing & Locating Products

-The shopping cart notified me that Mama Braids is on preorder. Can I still purchase it?

You absolutely can complete the purchasing process while Mama Braids is on preorder. Giving this option allows us to get the book back in stock while allowing you to essentially reserve your order ahead of time.  

-Where can I purchase a copy of Mama Braids?

At this time the only purchasing available is on mamabraids.com. We offer shipping and local Fort Worth, TX pickup. 

-Can I purchase a large quantity of books? 

If you’re interested in purchasing a large order of books (more than 10) please email info@mamabraids.com.


Shipping & Returns

-What is your return policy?

All book sales are final. If you have any further inquiries, please email returns@mamabraids.com.

-My book arrived damaged. Who can I speak to? 

While we make every attempt to ensure your book is packaged properly to arrive safety, we understand situations outside of our control sometimes prevent that. If your book arrives damaged, please contact returns@mamabraids.com for further assistance. 


Special Requests

-Can the author sign my book?

Absolutely! Please add your request in the note to seller section on the checkout page. Please also indicate a specified location of where inside the book you would like it signed. If no location is specified, the signature will be on the title page.

-I would like to collab with the author. How do I make that happen?

Please email info@mamabraids.com to connect further on any collaborations.